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Gay Wedding Photography | Danny and Garrett

Gay Wedding Photography Los Angelesrancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_18rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_13rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_16 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_15 Gay Wedding Photography Los Angeles  rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_12 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_11 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_10 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_09 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_08 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_07 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_06 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_05 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_04 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_03 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_02 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_50 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_49 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_48 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_47 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_46 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_45 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_44 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_43 Gay Wedding Photography Los Angeles rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_41 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_40 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_39 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_38 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_37 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_36 Gay Wedding Photography Los Angeles rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_34 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_33 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_32 Gay Wedding Photography Los Angeles Gre_W150524-0728 copy rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_30 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_29 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_28 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_27 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_26 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_25  Gay Wedding Photography Los Angeles rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_22 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_21 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_20 rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_19  rancho_del_cielo_next_exit_photography_greer_17

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Los Angeles Same Sex Wedding Photography

Sometimes our wedding couples decide to forgo a traditional hotel wedding and instead choose a quiet, quaint backyard wedding with a multi course formal dinner. It offers a certain peacefulness that large wedding venues have difficulty replicating. The Wedding of  Mark and Nguyen took place at the charming Hollywood Hills home of the grooms’ very close friend, Patricia Montandon. Ms. Montadon is a celebrated American author, California socialite, and humanitarian. She founded a peace group, Children as Teachers for Peace (now Children as the Peacemakers), where she met one of our grooms and they remained friends over the passing decades. Bringing the wedding into a private home often translates into warmth and togetherness, and guests feel like part of the family. This gay wedding was delightfully simple and yet incredibly elegant. It was designed and coordinated by the ever-talented Allyson Levine of Bob Gail Events. Allyson and her team of experts never fail to wow under any circumstance. Next Exit Photography worked very hard to let the photography of this same-sex Hollywood wedding reflect the deep loving relationship of these two men. Another amazing gay wedding. We wish Mark and Nguyen all the best. Congratulations guys! Los Angeles Same Sex Wedding Photography by Next Exit Photography


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Los Angeles Gay Wedding Photography – Paul and Glenn

Paul and Glenn had their most exquisitely designed same sex wedding at the stunningly modern Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles. Their love and devotion toward each other was in full view of their all of their adoring guests during their beautiful outdoor ceremony, officiated by KPCC’s host of AirTalk, Larry Mantel. All of the evening’s events, from a tear provoking first dance with a brilliant live wedding band to the amazingly touching toasts that they received from guests and family, to the exquisite cake proudly displayed surrounded by glowy light. We loved every minute of it. What we love most about Disney Hall for wedding photography is its versatility. When the sunlight is perfectly golden as only is can be in Southern California, we whisk our couples down to street level, or up to the perfectly manicured Disney Hall back garden, or even pull them into the architecturally spectacular and curvaceous metal maze that distinguishes Disney Hall from the rest of the urban landscape around it. And, that is just the outside of the venue! The inside reception hall is designed with the wooden mirror of its outside metal counterpart with its stunning lines and amazing textures. Los Angeles Gay Wedding Photography by Next Exit Photography
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