LGBT Wedding Photography – Hayley and Johanny

As we get ready for what should be an amazing moment in history, we at Next Exit Photography thought we would re post the photography from some of our favorite LGBT weddings that we have had the honor to attend and photograph. Since their lesbian wedding a couple of years ago, the wedding of Hayley and Johanny has been posted on at least 4 wedding blogs and published in 2 wedding magazines. We remember meeting Johanny and Hayley for the first time our studio and thinking to ourselves, “We must book this wedding.” We instantly knew that we wanted to both be at this wedding and to document it. It was everything that we had imagined it would be. Their girlie-girl wedding was uber-gorgeous at the green and lush Calamigos Ranch. The wedding was designed and styled by the incredibly talented Tabitha Johnson of Glitter & Ganache. Everywhere we turned, we were blown away by the magical nature of the details and the love and friendship that surrounded the couple. We were honored to be there and we wish Hayley and Johanny all the best. LGBT wedding photography by Next Exit Photography.

LGBT Wedding Photography LGBT Wedding Photography next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-06 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-07 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-08 LGBT Wedding Photography next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-10 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-11 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-12 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-13 LGBT Wedding Photography next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-15 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-16 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-17 LGBT Wedding Photography next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-19 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-20 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-21 LGBT Wedding Photography next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-23 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-24 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-25 LGBT Wedding Photography next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-27 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-28 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-29 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-30 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-31 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-32 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-33 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-34 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-35 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-36 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-37 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-38 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-39 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-40 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-41 next-exit-photography-cal-amigos-42

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